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Do you wanna learn about how to cut your own hair? Here is the complete hair cutting guide for women step by step with images, videos, and tutorials…!

How to style a bob haircut at home?

How to style a bob haircut at home

Discreet, functional, and elegant. These are the main characteristics of the bob cut, a timeless haircut that rejuvenates and brings freshness to any type of face. Thinking of getting a bob cut? With bangs, straight or semi-wavy, we tell you…

How To Cut A Long Bob Yourself? 2022 Latest Guide

How to cut a long bob

Looking at the styles of the celebrities from Vogue magazine, I realized that the long bob haircut was very fashionable, mainly because of its comfort when wearing it and the drastic change if you use long hair. So, in this…

How To Cut Your Own Hair In Long Layers?

How To Cut Your Own Hair In Layers

The haircuts with long layers are flattering and easy to handle. Plus, it’s easy to maintain your long, limp layers at home. To do this, you can trim them section by section, strand by strand, or all at once with…

How To Cut A Bob Haircut At Home?

how to cut a bob haircut at home

This year, the bob haircut has been a strong trend, but fall and winter will bring it to new heights. In its classic form, this style reaches the jaw’s peak and is longer in the front. However, now you can…

Is it Difficult to Give Yourself a Haircut?

Is it difficult to give yourself a haircut

Is it difficult to give yourself a haircut? The self haircutting skill depends on your hairstyle and hair itself. When I cut my own hair, it took me about 5 haircuts to feel confident. However, it can be a simple…