How To Cut A Bob Haircut At Home?

Discreet, functional, and elegant. These are the main characteristics of the bob haircut, a timeless haircut that rejuvenates and brings freshness to any type of face.

Thinking about getting a bob cut? With bangs, straight or semi-wavy, we tell you how to cut a bob haircut at home, one of the most emblematic hairstyles of recent years.

The bob cut is a classic that is always in style. The reason? It has great versatility, as it is capable of adapting to any type of face, refining it, and subtracting years! But not only that, the bob cut helps to clean up the hair, making it look healthier and with more volume.

Why have haircuts like that become so popular? They look fabulous no matter your age, take years off your face, add a feminine touch, and go with straight, wavy, and curly hair. The fact is, it isn’t that complicated to style! And because I know that you’ll surely want to try it, now I’m sharing the easy steps to cut a bob haircut at home and a tutorial for you to succeed in the process!

Bob or Lob? Take it according to the shape of your face

I’ve created the perfect guide to help you decide between a bob and a lob according to your face type.

Heart face bob

Heart face bob

This one has a prominent forehead and a pointed chin. It is best to pay attention to the thinnest part of the face to give a unique style.

Ideal hairstyle: Side-parted, straight with movements like Kaia Gerber, or soft waves like Sarah Hyland.

Square face bob

square face bob haircut

If your face tends to be square (long forehead, but not wide and a marked jaw), then the LOB is the haircut for you. This is because it balances the face and gives a definition to the features.

Proposed hairstyle: Bob with deep waves parted in the middle in the style of Julianne Hough and Lucy Boynton.

Rectangle face (Asymmetric bob)

asymmetric bob 2021

Long face with a strong jaw and forehead. The haircut that best suits the rectangular face is an asymmetrical bob: on one side a marked bob and on the other (a few centimeters longer) with a tendency to lob.

Ideal hairstyle: No part and textured to give it movement; this is how Rachel McAdams and Joan Smalls did.

Diamond face lob

diamond face lob

If your forehead and chin tend to be small, your face has to have a diamond shape. It is best to ally yourself with a lob cut.

Ideal hairstyle: You can wear it with a straight texture (and with lights) in the style of Jennifer Lopez or with a very messy style like Katy Perry.

Oval face lob

oval face lob

A very long face with no defined cheeks. These faces are more favored with a lob cut.

Ideal hairstyle: Scarlett Johansson proposes unmarked waves and Kim Kardashian a straight with inward ends in the style of the nineties.

Round face lob

round face lob

If you are born with prominent cheeks and a tendency to have a circular face, then a lob will be the right haircut for you. The reason is that it will help to stylize the look!

Ideal hairstyle: Lucy Hale prefers it wavy and parted on the side; Selena Gomez straight and covering her ears.

How to cut a bob haircut at home?

The easiest way to cut a bob haircut at home is with the ponytail trick. Follow these three steps and use the right tools!

Step 1: Hold the hair.

The first thing you should do is brush the hair and comb it back, making a low ponytail close to the nape. You have to tie another elastic in the ponytail at the height where you want your bob (I recommend that it be 7 to 10 cm lower than where the first band is). As an extra tip, pull the earlocks to the side so they aren’t too tight and short.

how to cut a bob at home
You can do the cut on damp hair; just keep in mind that you have to do it a little lower to not cut as much.

Step 2: Cut!

Since you have the measurement with the garters, take the scissors and straightforwardly cut under the second elastic. The idea is to do it with special hairdressing scissors since they are well sharp and do not mistreat the hair (unlike those used in the kitchen or at home). At the same time, they adapt to the size of the hand, have an ergonomic grip, and are light.

Step 3: Adjust the details.

Now remove the garters, divide the hair in half, and cut any irregularity along the edges. Do this with sections rather than all at once so that there is a precise result.

Once it’s ready, blow dry your hair, style it as usual, and you have a perfect and easy bob haircut! 

5 ways to get the bob cut in 2023

A bob cut is expected in 2023, but it looks beautiful only when worn in specific ways. What are the allowed ways? Here they are!

The rejuvenating and effortless essence of the bob cut, the favorite look of the following year, has conquered the whole world, so much so that it became a trend.

The difference is that the style will not wear as we are used to (with the shorter back and longer sides). The bob cut will have slight changes, summarized in the following five variants:

Asymmetric bob

asymmetric bob cut

It is one of my favorite bob cuts because it is very flattering for all types of faces (except the elongated ones). If you don’t want to sacrifice your length too much, I recommend this haircut!

Straight bob

straight bob 2021

This year we will be looking at the bob in its purest form, with a straight finish and slightly below the jaw. If you want to have fun with this cut, try styling some broken waves or dyeing a balayage within the blonde range.

Layered bob

layered bob 2021

It is a sexier option, and easy to style for those who do not have time, removing a lot of volume in heavy hair. We suggest combing it on the side, along with soft waves, for an excellent and moving result.

Scared bob

scared points bob

We had already seen it in the haircuts sweeping in winter with Lucy Boynton. Still, I declare it again with Dua Lipa: the short bob, with paraded ends that seem irregular and carefree, will be on top in the coming months!

Fringe bob

Fringe bob

All of the above haircuts are spot-on for 2021, but even more so if you add bangs to them! It can be sideways, draped, wavy, or straight, depending on the bob you choose and the proportions of your face.

How to cut a layered a-line bob?

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