How to style a bob haircut at home?

Discreet, functional, and elegant. These are the main characteristics of the bob cut, a timeless haircut that rejuvenates and brings freshness to any type of face.

Thinking of getting a bob cut? With bangs, straight or semi-wavy, we tell you how to style a bob haircut at home, one of the most emblematic hairstyles of recent years.

The bob cut is a classic that is always in style. The reason? Its great versatility, as it is capable of adapting to any type of face, refining it, and subtracting years!

But not only that, the bob cut helps to clean up the hair, to make it look healthier and with more volume. In fact, celebrities like Ana de Armas, Andrea Duro, and Charlize Theron have made this cut their summer emblem. Although it was Victoria Beckham who elevated it as one of the most famous cuts of all time.

how to get volume in a bob haircut

If you are tired of ungraceful hair, the bob cut, shorter at the back and longer at the front, is an ideal option to renew your look. Its freshness and elegance will undoubtedly give you an air of sophistication and style that you will love.

Learn everything you should know about the bob cut, from what types of bob cuts exist to how to wear and style them.

How to style a bob haircut at home?

Also known as the 3/4 cut (which represents three-quarters of what is considered a hairstyle for long hair) it is ideal for straight, wavy, and curly hair. In addition, it allows you to comb it in a thousand different ways.

For example, you can wear a shorter bob in the back and longer layers in the front. In addition, it allows you to wear the line in the middle, to the right, or to the left. It adapts to the shape of your face! A more recent version allows you to wear it with a very chic pointed fringe.

Also, if you have fine hair, the ideal is a shorter layered bob at the nape of the neck to add volume. If you have voluminous hair you can opt for a straight cut. The asymmetrical cuts, with one side longer than the other, highlight the neck, cheekbones…

how to style a bob haircut with fine hair

Depending on the shape of your face, one length or another will suit you better. If you have a rounded face, long bob or shoulder-length bob will look great. But the elongated face is better suited to a bob that is shorter on the jawline.

You should know that the bob with bangs sweetens the face and takes years off you, ideal if you have a wide forehead. Long, side-swept bangs add an elegant and sexy touch to your bob as well as flattering a round face; if you have a very long face, a bob with straight bangs up to the eyebrows helps to shorten the face.

If you want to show off a powerful mane, dare with the octopus hair, the haircut that gives volume and texture to the hair. It’s Asian-inspired!

Different hairstyles with a bob cut

The bob cut is very versatile and can be used for many hairstyles. You can also vary the line in different directions: centered, to one side, or zig-zag to give volume. Of course, working the ends well, inwards for a concave, or outwards, for a blunt look.

how to style a bob without heat

Here are some of the bob cut hairstyles:

  • Total smooth. The dryer and irons are your allies to work your bob lock by lock and get an impeccable smooth. Very suitable for refining and lengthening the face if you have a round face.
  • With waves. Smooth at the roots and create waves from the temples with the help of tongs or flat irons. It is important to work the ends in or out for a perfect finish. Perfect for softening the shapes and balancing the features, for example, to give some volume in the lower part if you have a triangular face (wide forehead, narrow chin).
  • Disheveled effect. If you love the “just out of bed” look, you’re in luck because this cut allows it. Skip the comb and work through the hair with your fingers, pulling the ends out and in different directions to create movement.
  • Sophisticated. The wax or hair gel will help you create a wet look by pulling the hair back. Perfect for oval or somewhat elongated faces and if you have beautiful skin and face.
  • Rocker. If you have bangs you can crepe them with the comb inside to give it volume upwards. Another option is to wear the bob straight and shoot the ends of the long bangs to the side.
  • With center parting and bangs. It’s trending! It is very similar to the lolita cut and the mullet cut, although it is characterized by bringing more harmony to the facial features.
  • With a line on one side. Victoria Beckham style, wearing a side-parted bob is the epitome of the true bob.

For those who have a good hand with scissors, you can even cut it yourself at home, check out this bob haircutting guide.

how to style a short bob with a flat iron

Fresh and youthful it allows different lengths and hairstyles. Dare to change!

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