Is it Difficult to Give Yourself a Haircut?

Is it difficult to give yourself a haircut? The self haircutting skill depends on your hairstyle and hair itself. When I cut my own hair, it took me about 5 haircuts to feel confident. However, it can be a simple skill if it’s your first time. Like anything, it’s a skill that can be hard to learn.

Once you know how to cut fringes and bobs, they can be pretty straightforward. If your hair is bob or longer with minimal to no layers, then it’s pretty easy.

Is it difficult to give yourself a haircut?

Cutting short hair by hand is tricky. Use a razor with a guard if it’s relatively quick and it’s rough, but if it’s longer, it will be challenging. And try just using scissors to cut layers on the back of your hair? I wouldn’t recommend it.

The first time I cut my fringe, it came out uneven. It hurt a bit that I didn’t like how it looked; however, it will look awesome again once it grows back. Trying again each time you cut your hair, you will get closer to the incredible haircut you want. 🙂

Hairdressers guide to cutting your hair & not ruining it:

Here you’re gonna learn how to cut your own hair at home properly.


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