How To Cut A Long Bob Yourself at Home? 2023 Latest Guide

Looking at the styles of the celebrities from Vogue magazine, I realized that the long bob haircut was very fashionable, mainly because of its comfort when wearing it and the drastic change if you use long hair. So, in this article, I will show you how to cut a long bob?

The short haircut is generally a risk for any woman because it is a radical change and has a significant influence on the type of face she wears to make it look good.

But this look has the advantage that it adapts to any face and you can use it if you wish.

How to cut a long bob?

So if your idea was to change your long hair for something shorter, I recommend that you try the long bob-cut in layers that is the haircut that was imposed in the spring-summer without a doubt for its comfort and elegance.

It also has the advantage that it is easy to maintain, and you can look very sensual.

There are different types of long bob cut, which vary in the length that is used since it can be with a bow, with a ponytail, or only with a braid, where the bangs can be present if you wish and look super fashionable with your friends.

If you are interested, you can learn how to cut long bob at home step by step:

What is a long bob cut?

A Long Bob cut is a haircut that is shorter on the back at the nape of the neck and longer on the front mainly.

Then you can wear it all bluntly, and what influences the change is the type of style you perform depending on your tastes and those of your stylist depending on your face.

If you want to wear it more sophisticated, the look can be worn for the night with more elegance, but if you’re going to use it every day, it will suit you.

It is also recognized as a diy lob haircut, which is the union of words “long” which refers to the length of the hair, and “bob” which refers to the haircut of the 20s, like a hat or cap.

how to cut a long bob?
How to cut a long bob?

How to cut long bob at home?

You have to consider that it is a more extended cut than the bob cut and that it has an inclination is not straight, its location is only a few centimeters below the chin.

From the nape of the neck, the movement of the mane is marked, so you have to consider this detail.

Something important to highlight is that if you have very straight or too curly hair, this type of haircut is not the most recommended since it will not accompany your gestures and your body when it comes to showing it off.

If you have fine hair, I do not recommend using it, nor if you have scant hair since the idea is to have the volume so that it gains movement, and if it were fine and scarce, what it would cause would be the opposite with lack of body and voluminosity.

It favors the mane that has shape and movement.

What are the recommended colors for the diy lob haircut?

The best colors for this type of cut are medium blonde and chestnut shades.

That is why whenever you choose honey or golden blonde shades are the ones that go best with this mane cut, as well as the brown shades and all their derivatives.

A recommendation that my stylist gave me was to paint for some highlights, tones that provide light to the tips, I assure you that it is ideal for providing different looks of movements.

Removing the root effect and trying to imitate the natural light effect is essential to this style.

A great advantage that it has is its length, which, being longer than the classic Bob cut, the maintenance is much simpler and easier for anyone, which does not have to be so much going to a stylist or hairdresser to maintain it so that it does not lose shape.

Every two months, it is recommended that the tips be retouched to continue maintaining the shape and health of the hair.

If you do fitness, it is an efficient cut since it does not bother the eyes and I practice collecting, that is why it became so popular among sports girls too.

Another trick so that the movement of the hair is not lost is to use a shampoo that gives volume to the hair. As well as with dry hair, add a little shampoo from the nape of the neck to give volume to the hair, giving greater body to the hair.

How do you cut a long bob at home?
How do you cut a long bob at home?


How do you cut a long bob in layers?
How do you cut a long bob in layers?


How To Cut A Long Bob Yourself
How to cut a long bob yourself?


How do you cut a bob?
Diy long bob haircut

How to cut a lob haircut yourself in 3 steps 2023

I will explain all the steps to make the cut and long bob look to find the perfect balance between the look you want to wear short, but that is not too small, and you can highlight all your beauty.

As important color data that use this type of cut, for example, are Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delavigne, Victoria Beckham, La Reina Letizia among many others who follow the fashion trends and fashion beauty of this season of the year.

You will need a hairband or tail, scissors, and hair styling cream.

  • 1 – You make a ponytail as close to the nape as possible.
  • 2 – With both hands, you have to lower the tail to the height you want to have your long bob cut (usually to the shoulders).
  • 3 – Cut your hair as straight as possible.
How to Cut Long Bob Hair
Long Bob Hair


How to cut a long bob with layers?
Long bob with layers


How to cut long hair into a bob yourself?
How to cut long hair into a bob yourself?

How to cut your own lob?

How to cut long bob?

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