How to Cut your Own Hair Straight like a Pro in 2023

How to cut your own hair straight? Cutting your own hair may seem exciting, but you will be more likely to make mistakes. If this is your first time cutting hair straight, be sure to invest in proper hair scissors and cut less than you want. Remember that later you can cut yourself more if you wish the hair to be shorter, but if you cut too much, you will not be able to paste the hair again!

How to cut your own hair straight?

  1. Before cut, comb your hair to remove knots and tangles. You can start with wet or dry hair. This method is suitable for straight hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, make sure it’s wet before cutting it.
  2. Pull your hair back, and do a low ponytail. Make the parting in the center and pull the hair back to form a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Then, secure it with a rubber band. Make sure that the tail is smooth and crisp, and that all the hair is inside the rubber.
  3. Put another rubber a few inches below the first one. Straighten the ponytail as much as you can and then roll another rubber band. Depending on the length of your hair and how much you want to cut, you may need to add a third rubber underneath the second. The elastic bands allow you to have control before cutting and while you do it.
  4. Hold the ponytail between your fingers where you want to cut. Make a V with your index and middle finger. Then pinch your fingers around the tail and slide them down to where you want to cut. In this way, you will have slightly rounded tips. If you’re going to make a straighter cut, you’ll have to slide your fingers further down to have room to make adjustments.
  5. Cut the ponytail under the fingers. Use sharp hairdressing scissors in this step; don’t use any ordinary scissors. Make a slow cut, carefully and little by little.
  6. Undo the ponytail and check the shape. Stand with your back to the mirror and hold another mirror in front of you. Your hair will have rounded ends or form a slight curve. If it doesn’t seem straight enough, take the next step.
How to cut your own hair straight
How to cut your own hair straight?
  1. Take off the rubber and separate the hair in the center. Extend the line to the nape, as if you were going to do two pigtails. Place the left side of the hair over the left shoulder and the right side over the right shoulder. Keep the strands on the back of the head at the outer edges as long as you can.
  2. Squeeze the hair back between your fingers. Choose the left or right side to start. Take the hair from that side and hold it between the index and middle fingers as you did with the ponytail.
  3. Bring your fingers down and tilt them slightly. Slide your fingers to where you want to cut. Tilt your fingers slightly upward so that your fingertips are directed toward your shoulder. In this way, the hair on the back of the head will be shorter, and when you comb, the hair will be the same length. Make sure the hair on the back is on the outside of the section, next to the shoulder.
  4. Cut the hair under the fingers with the same method as above. Keep your hand and hair close to your shoulder as you cut. If your hair is very thick, you may need to separate the portion into smaller sections. Measure the new part against the previous one.
  5. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the hair. It is recommended to measure the hair that you have not yet cut against the already cut hair. Take the innermost locks from the left and right sections. Measure with your fingers where the cut strand ends on the uncut strand.

How to cut hair straight long?

How to cut hair straight long
How to cut hair straight long?
  1. To cut hair start with wet hair. You do not need to wash the person’s hair with shampoo and conditioner, but it must be wet. Ask her to sit in a high chair, so that you will be comfortable.
  2. Pick up three-quarters of the hair with a bun. Use the handle of a fine-tailed comb to make a sharp stripe, and then form a bun on top of the head. Get the bun out of the way by holding it with tweezers or a rubber band. Let the bottom section loose.
  3. Take a lock of the lower section between your fingers and make a V with your index and middle finger. Bring your fingers together around a 1 to 2-inch wide strand. You can also use a fine-tailed comb to measure the sections. This way, you will avoid accidentally pulling too hard.
  4. Slide your fingers through the lock to where you want to cut. Keep your hand against the person’s back, and avoid pushing them away because an angle would form. Fingers should be parallel to the line you created earlier and to the ground.  Do not twist your fingers upwards, do not turn your hair, or separate the strand from your back because this would create a small gradation.
  5. Cut the hair below the fingers. Use the length of your fingers to guide you. Be sure to use sharp hairdressing scissors; don’t use any pair of scissors.
  6. Take another section and measure it against the part you already cut. Take a ½ inch wide section. Put it together with a few strands from the section you previously cut. Hold the division between your index and middle fingers, as you did earlier. Slide your fingers down until the tips are level with the cut strand.
  7. Cut the hair and continue with the next section. Cut the strand until it is even with the already cut strand. Let go of your hair and take another part. Measure it against the previous lock and cut it. Keep going until you finish cutting the entire bottom layer of hair.  Never push the strands away from your back while cutting. Keep them as close to it as possible. Measure the left and right sides in front to make sure they are even.
  8. Drop the next layer. Use the handle of the fine-tailed comb to create another sharp horizontal line. Leave enough hair to be able to see a part of the previous segment that is underneath. Put the rest of the hair back together with a bun.
  9. Measure the top layer against the bottom layer as you cut it. Take a 1 to 2-inch section of the new layer. Add a thin lock of the bottom layer. Hold the lock between your fingers and slide them down until they are level with the already cut lock. Cut the new strand under your fingers, as you did earlier.
  10. Cut the rest of the hair with the same techniques. Measure each new strand against the previous one and each new layer against the previous one. Always keep your hand close to the person’s back and do not separate the hair. Continue until you finish cutting all of her hair.
  11. Dry the hair and make the necessary adjustments. If you want, you can wash hair to remove the trimmed fragments. Blow-dry the hair and then cut the protruding ends.

How to cut your own hair straight shoulder-length?

Straight cut hair no layers

How to cut hair straight?

How to cut your own hair straight across?


  • Do not turn or lift your hair because the cut would be graded.
  • Keep your hand close to your shoulder or the person’s back as you cut.
  • Straight cuts are not recommended for curly or wavy hair because each curl has a unique shape.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair and you plan to straighten it, you should do it before cutting it.
  • If you have doubts, cut very little. It will be easier to cut more later. If you cut too long, you will have to wait for the hair to grow back.
  • If you cut your own hair straight, you can use a three-sided mirror. In this way, you can easily see the back of the head without having to hold a second mirror.

Things you will need

  • Brush or comb
  • Hair clips
  • Hair gum
  • Mirrors
  • Fine tail comb
  • Haircutting scissors
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