How often should you Wash your Hair Woman?

An issue that gives rise to numerous and extensive debates and around which there is a division of opinion. But what do the experts say? How often should you wash your hair woman? Is it good to wash your hair every day?

We anticipate that everything will depend on your hair type (dry, oily, hair treatments) and your usual routine.

To the question of how often to shower, is added the question of how many days it is good to wash your hair. An aspect that gives rise to numerous and extensive debates. Even we have asked ourselves the question and compared reactions. The conclusion? There is no consensus on days, but there are recommended times for each type of hair.

Before entering to analyze the matter in question, let us pose the following question. How often do you wash your hair? Is it true that the more you wash your hair, the dirtier it gets?

should you wash your hair everyday

A question around which there is a division of opinions. There are those who claim that doing it every day can cause irritation on the scalp as well as drier hair. Others claim that washing your hair every day does not affect hair health and reduces, in the long run, the oiliness of the scalp.

Factors such as the type of hair, genetics, the shampoos you use, or your diet greatly influence the health of your hair.

How often should you wash your hair woman?

The first thing you should know is that it is not bad to wash your hair every day. It is a myth that you have created on the Internet! Although, it is true that it is not necessary to do it every day or clean it excessively since you will only be able to eliminate the protective and natural barrier of the scalp.

So what is the best for hair health? Well, the valid answer is “It depends”.

how many times should you wash your hair a week

It depends on the characteristics of the hair, that is, having dry hair is not the same as having it greasy. It depends on the contamination. Yes, pollution plays an important role in both our health and our beauty. It depends on the food we follow. What we eat not only influences our health but also our beauty. Therefore, if we take care of our diet, our skin and hair will improve our appearance.

In addition, each hair is a world and you need to take care of it and wash it according to its characteristics. The ideal, regardless of the type of hair, is to wash it twice a week. However, these are the recommended times for each type of hair:

Recommended times

1. Oily hair. If you have oily hair, it is recommended that you wash it every 2 or 3 days. And, to give you more free time, try not to touch your hair. The natural oil of the fingers makes the hair dirty faster.

2. Dry hair. Dry, fine, or brittle hair takes longer to get dirty, so you don’t need to wash it every day, with exceptions, such as practicing sports every day. When washing it, you also need to take care of it and untangle it with a special brush that does not break it. You can do it, for example, every 3 or 4 days. We repeat, as long as the hair asks for it.

3. Dyed hair. It is better to wash dyed hair or hair with hair treatments (highlights, fancy colors, etc.) twice a week. This will change if you do sports daily because sweat and fat accumulation will show it. For example, you can do it every 2 or 3 days.

Did you know that both Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian only wash their hair once a week? This is how they confessed it in a virtual meeting for Poosh.

But, everything has a trick. For example, Khloé explained that he washes it thoroughly at the beginning of the week, and for the rest of the week, he uses dry shampoo. For his part, Kourtney confessed that when he plays sports, he only washes his hair with water.

Other celebrities who also wash their hair 1 or 2 times a week are Demi Moore and Scarlett Johansson, who prefer their hair to breathe and not dry out or become irritated.

Tips for washing your hair well

If you want your hair to stay clean for more days, take good note of the following tips:

how often should i shampoo my hair

If your hair is normal, specialists recommend washing your hair once or twice a week.
If you have dry, fine, and brittle hair, use a mild shampoo with natural ingredients, without sulfates, parabens, dyes, perfumes, and alcohol.

  • Use homemade rice or cornstarch masks to strengthen your hair and make it healthier and more hydrated.
  • If you choose to use dry shampoo, choose one that is of good quality and that contains amino acids and trace elements, your hair will thank you.
  • Wash your hair with hot or lukewarm water and then give a little rinse with cold water to close the follicle, it benefits healthy hair.
  • Last but not least, keep in mind that washing your hair more or less frequently does not increase or decrease the oiliness of the scalp. Therefore, we debunk the belief that if you wash your hair frequently, the secretion of fat decreases.
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