How To Cut Your Own Hair Men? 2023 Step by Step Guide

Going to the salon is cool, but in times of Corona Virus and Isolations, one has to take action yourself. Luckily, the self-haircutting in the case of men tends to be much more comfortable – as is evident – when compared to women, since generally, men tend to have much shorter hair. So do you want to learn how to cut your own hair men, keep reading!

How to cut your own hair men?

What tools do you need

It is necessary first to take a look at the different tools that we need to have, before sitting down to cut your own hair.

For short hair, you need a hair clipper, scissors, and a hand mirror. It is also possible that you need to have special scissors to thin the hair, and any comb to brush hair once you have cut and washed it.

How to cut your own hair men
How to cut your own hair men tools.
  • Scissors: although your haircut is very short, it never hurts to have scissors to cut even if it is part of the bangs or specific short hairs that the machine is not capable of picking up.
  • Hair machine: it is possible that with a machine for the whole body it is worth it, it is not necessary to have a tool for everything. If you like to take everything to the same level, it is easy, by choosing a number you have it done. However, if what you want is to make it to several layers, for that the machine has a regulator and to be able to cut a very shaved part and the other with a little more volume.
  • Shaver: this machine is not the same as the previous ones, nor does it give you the same touch, it is used to provide the final touch when we have short hair and make it softer.

Haircut type

Everything will depend on the shape of your face. If it is the first time that you are going to cut your hair by yourself, do not complicate yourself, it is much easier to choose something comfortable and straightforward. You must bear in mind that you will not be able to have the same skill as your hairdresser, so you must select a simple shorts, and if your style is long hair, perhaps you should only cut the ends.

  • Choose a simple cut.
  • If your style is too complicated or is to have long hair, it is best to do the minimum, such as cutting the ends. Unless you prefer a new haircut.

Prepare your haircutting place

First of all, it is necessary to start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, as you usually do daily. This will help you work better with your hair as clean; damp hair helps keep your hair from clogging in the tools you use to cut it. Dry your hair with the help of a towel, and in this way, you will be able to eliminate any tangle.

You need to cut your hair in a place that is easy to clean. For example, the bathroom is usually the most suitable place, because you can do it comfortably in front of the mirror (although you also help yourself with a hand mirror).

Place, if possible, a large towel under the chair where you are going to cut your hair, this way, most of the hair will fall there, and it will be easier to pick it up. Another aspect to take into account, is clothing, the most recommended is that you wear clothes that you use to be at home or a simple T-shirt, try not to wear a sweater so that the hair does not stay on your clothes.

How to cut your own hair men?

Now we are going to tell you in more detail, step by step, how to cut your own hair for men.

Cut the bottom

Fix the chosen size in the measuring guides on the hair clipper. Always cut your hair from the bottom, and move the scissors up. It is convenient to carry out a few passes; this way, you will ensure that all the hair is cut to the same size.

Cut the bottom a little shorter, changing the trimmer guide for this. Of course, to get your hair to look much more professional, then we will combine the two lengths to create a particular fade.

Kee cutting

Now move towards the back of the head. With the help of a hand mirror, you will see what you are doing. It is convenient to work slowly but continuously with care. Then cut the hair by moving the scissors up. Of course, as before, cut the bottom a little shorter.

Then rock the clipper or scissor a little bit up, to blend some transition from the sides. Later, go back to the top, to make it longer.

How to cut your own hair men fade?

How to cut your own hair men - step by step guide
How to cut your own hair fade?

Fade is a technique that should only be done when you have concise hair, or even when you have shaved your head. First of all, you must follow the advice that we have indicated above. But you will have to increase the contrast between the top and bottom length. This will help create a visible line between the two.

The position of the line will determine the type of fading. Thus, the line should be symmetrical and smooth around the head. Then you have to smooth this visible line until it disappears.

How to cut the top

If you want to have a little longer hair on top, it is necessary always to cut it with scissors. Otherwise, if you want the hair to be the same size, the idea is to do it directly with the clipper.

When you are going to do it with scissors, you should separate the hair into sections and always cut them in a straight line. An excellent option, especially to make sure that the hair is the same length as each cut, is to always compare it with the previous one.

How to trim your own hair men?

I have chosen these five classic men’s haircuts. With a hair clipper (and a little practice) you can cut your hair without help:

Classic shave

Classic shaving is the most comfortable style you can do at home without assistance. This simple look never goes out of style, you have it done in less than 10 minutes, and you only need the peeling machine.


This cut to two measures is also effortless to execute. With short sides and a slightly longer top, the military look is another easy option for beginners.


The Undercut stands out for the disconnection between the bottom/top. This looks good on both straight and curly hair, but you need a specific length on top to make it look pretty.

Square style

This square style stands out because the upper part of the hair is completely flat. If you are “a certain age” you will perfectly remember this style because it is a retro look reminiscent of the 80s / 90s.

Fade styles

This is the classic men’s cut with graduation that they do in hairdressing salons. It requires a bit of practice and a lever trimmer, but it’s a lovely blurred look where no weight lines are visible.

How to cut your own hair short men?

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